The Brisbane Martial Arts Academy regularly invites experienced Martial Artists from a variety of different Martial Arts Systems to conduct Seminars for BMAA students and other local Martial Artists.

The Brisbane Martial Arts Academy believes that inviting other Martial Artists from other systems and countries to share their knowledge with us promotes great friendships and improves our standard of Martial Arts. Sensei Doug Tritton believes that by exchanging information with other systems strengthens both parties by improving their knowledge base.

In the past the Brisbane Martial Arts Academy has hosted the following Martial Artists to present Seminars for the Brisbane Martial Arts Academy.

Professor Wally Jay 10th Dan Ju Jitsu

Grandmaster James W. DeMile

Professor Don Jacob 9th Dan Ju Jitsu

Soke Jan de Jong

Shihan Rainer Fiedler

Sibok Ron Ogi

Sibok Rocco Ambrose

Shihan Sam Gervasi

Shihan Ian Waite

Sifu Ken DeMile

Shihan Des Devine

Cynthia Rothrock