Judo is an Olympic sport that was developed by a Ju Jitsu Master, called Jigoro Kano, in 1882. It was also known as Kano Ju Jitsu. 

There are many styles or types of Judo that vary only slightly from each other however they all have their roots originally in Ju Jitsu with Jigoro Kano. Some styles use Japanese terminology and others use a numbering system to name the techniques. This was introduced because the Japanese Masters that were teaching in Europe ran into problems with different languages. 

In Europe, language can change several times in a short distance so some of the Japanese Masters that traveled to Europe to spread their Martial Arts adopted a numbering system to save having to learn several languages.

Judo places particular emphasis on throwing, joint locking, strangling and pinning your opponent regardless of size. 

Learning how to fall (Ukemi) is an important prerequisite and it has definite health benefits that arise from the stimulation of certain pressure points and meridians from the continuing practice of Ukemi.

Please understand there is no best Martial Art. If there was everyone would be doing it. Some Martial Arts concentrate on different aspects. Certain Martial Arts suit certain people and their particular attributes. We believe that a combination of a variety of Martial Arts provides the best solution to satisfying a person’s self defence requirements. Anyone that thinks that they have the best Martial Art in the world needs to have a better look around.