Seiki Jitsu

Seiki Jitsu is a style of Sakura Hana Ryu Ju Jitsu that consists of techniques that were originally designed by Tritton Sensei to be taught to people that did not want to place too much emphasis on throwing or nage waza – in other words the antithesis of Judo. 

It contains many techniques that are very practical and suitable for immediate application in self-defense. This style does not require much falling and it is suited for anyone who wants to immediately extend their abilities in self defense on a more practical level. These techniques lend themselves to expansion into endless variations and combinations, and they should be practiced with that in mind.

Please understand there is no best Martial Art. If there was everyone would be doing it. Some Martial Arts concentrate on different aspects. Certain Martial Arts suit certain people and their particular attributes. We believe that a combination of a variety of Martial Arts provides the best solution to satisfying a person’s self defence requirements. Anyone that thinks that they have the best Martial Art in the world needs to have a better look around.