Wing Chun Do Gung Fu

WING CHUN DO GUNG FU was developed by Grandmaster James W. DeMile, original American student of the late Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun Do is a Modern and Conceptual system of combat. All techniques are validated from a scientific standpoint rather than a traditional or historical standpoint.  The techniques work for everyone.

Wing Chun Do is a Natural system – it is something that you can use forever not just while you are in training. These techniques will work for you forever.

Bruce Lee wanted to know that once he had learned something it was there forever, so he didn’t have to waste time maintaining those skills so that he could advance onto other things. This is called Neuro-Muscular Imprinting. Once techniques have been imprinted from a neuro muscular standpoint then they don’t have to be trained on a regular basis.

Please understand there is no best Martial Art. If there was everyone would be doing it. Some Martial Arts concentrate on different aspects. Certain Martial Arts suit certain people and their particular attributes. We believe that a combination of a variety of Martial Arts provides the best solution to satisfying a person’s self defence requirements. Anyone that thinks that they have the best Martial Art in the world needs to have a better look around.